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Original paintings & prints available

The Jungle Lives Within You

"The jungle lives as much in us as it lives in the wild beasts... we have just forgotten it.

You and me are the same, creatures of Mother Nature and nothing more and nothing less"

- Doortje Hefting


A bridge between nature and humanity


Over the past centuries, human kind has drifted away from it's origin. We live in cities, surrounded by cars, phones and buildings, and we forget that once, we lived among the trees and bears.

But that wild human is still within you. You feel it when you escape society; when you feel the sand under your feet, the sun on your skin, when you smell the forest and hear the birds.

Bring that world closer. Bring that world into your home.



For years, I have felt anger towards humanity and guilt for being a part of a destructive species.

But the only way to overcome anger is love.

The only way to overcome guilt is forgiveness.

With my art, I hope to reunite mankind with nature through endearment and remission.

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