Original Artwork


40x50cm (15.75x19,7 inches)

Acrylics, pearlescent and pumice medium on board, varnished and signed.


Plant Series No. 4

Monstera Deliciosa is one of the most popular houseplants and originates in Mexico - Central America. The beautiful plant symbolizes a long life. The holes and cuts in the big round leaves actually serve a purpose - in the rainforest, heavy winds and rain occurs often, and the holes prevent the leaves from breaking. This climbing plant can grow up to 20 meters in the wild.


About the houseplant Series:

I am a big houseplant addict and plant lover - I have over 60 houseplants in my home! In the Houseplant Series, I've made a series of portraits portraying various popular types of houseplants. Each plant is portrayed by a woman with the same native heritage as the plant they represent. This series shows the diversity of nature and humanity, and brings you to all corners of the world.


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