Your personalized, original art piece

I'd love to make a special painting, just for you! Tell me about your wishes and visions and I will create a unique piece, personalized and well-fit in your home.

I'm happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

If you would love to get your personalized, unique piece of art made by me, please provide me with the following:

  • Your full name and email address;

  • A description of your idea, as detailed as possible;

  • Reference pictures, the more the better;

  • (Optional) Artwork by me that you like, so I know which style you would like your piece to be;

  • Your preferred (dominant) colors of the piece (and if you wish certain things to be in a specific color, please mention);

  • The preferred size of the artwork;​

  • Vertical or horizontal;

  • Due date (the sooner you want to have the piece, the higher the price);

  • Meaning behind the idea / anything you would like to tell me about you or the story behind your request.

Some commissions I've done before...

Price Indications
Price depends on: size, amount of detail, amount of different colors, presence of human portraits, rush order. Please take a look at artwork in my gallery similar to your requests to get an indication of the price of your commission.
Shipping costs will be calculated in addition to the price of the comissioned piece and depend on size and your location.
Disclaimer about liberty of the artist
Please keep in mind that although I will do my best to find the best solution possible for your wishes, I keep the liberty to friendly decline your request if it doesn't fit my style. Please look at my other artwork to indicate if your idea would fit in. If I decline your idea, this is not because I wouldn't like it - it is simply because I believe there are more suitable artists out there to carry out your commission in a better way. Of course I'll recommend you another artist if this is the case.